Take the right steps to train smarter and achieve your goals.

Our mission is to help you become the best version of your athletic self. This involves several critical elements which we have united under the Endurance Nation platform for your convenience. You can manage your account and level of membership online here.

  • Plan = Training + Learning (Limited)
  • Team = Training + Learning (Unlimited) + Community
  • Coach = Training + Learning (Unlimited) + Community + Coaching


Access to more than 60 different Training Plans. Updated every year these plans are your tool to daily training excellence.

As of March 2018, your Endurance Nation Plans live on FinalSurge, a leading online training platform. You can use the FinalSurge website or App to load plans, track workouts and manage your data, schedule and much more! 

👇 See the instructions below 👇


Depending on your level of membership, you have varying access to the collected articles, podcasts and videos created by Endurance Nation since 2007.

The fastest athletes are almost always the smartest athletes. Regardless of your genetics, you can always learn more about what’s required to be your personal best.

Use the Resources tab above (or the resources associated with your training plan) to improve your mental game!


TeamEN and CoachEN athletes have access to our robust online Forums, where the Endurance Nation Community really comes to life.

Dive into special areas focused on Training, Racing, Equipment and Racing. Get answers and advice to solve your most pressing issue from teammates who have been there and done that.

Gain accountability with weekly Check-In threads or read countless Race Plans and actual Race Reports. 


Members have different levels of access to coaching and resources inside Endurance Nation.

From review of your Final Surge Training Log to planning your next Race Simulation or making adjustments to your calendar, your EN Coach will make sure you are on track to be your personal best today and on race day.

Tune in to monthly office hours and other live online events to get your questions answered! 

Final Surge is your complete training solution, and the home of your Endurance Nation training plan!



Step One: Create Your Final Surge Account & Link to the EN Section


When you signed up for Endurance Nation you received an email with an “unlock code” to connect with Final Surge. The subject of the email is “Welcome to Endurance Nation! Your Training Plan is Ready.” Clicking on the link in that email will lead you to creating your Final Surge Account (included in your EN Membership) and giving you access to the complete EN section of Final Surge.

Note: Remember the email / password combination so you can successfully login to the FS Mobile App later.



Step Two: Load Up Your Plan


Once you are inside Final Surge you will be taken to the “Plan Choice” page. Here you should load your first training plan — ideally the Trial Week plan so you can complete your Functional Testing workouts. The plan will appear on your “Calendar” and you can move / edit / complete workouts, view the resources associated with your plan, and more.

Please Note: You will be prompted to enter training zones when you load any EN plan on Final Surge. This isn’t required, but if you do have zones, your workout Main Set will have target guidance for you, like this: MS: 2 x 1 mile @ 7:35 / mile (instead of “@ Zone 4”). You can always go back and update your zones later, but that will require you to load a new plan for them to be implemented.


Step Three: Get the Mobile App


With your first plan loaded in Final Surge, it’s time to get your workouts on your mobile device. Download the Final Surge App (iTunes / Android) and login with the Email and Password you entered to create your Final Surge account in Step One ^above^.

Once you are logged in, you’ll have complete access to your workouts / plans / notifications and more.


Step Four (and Beyond): Sync Your Data with Final Surge


Once the basics are all set, you can start to use some more of the granular features of Final Surge to improve your training. Options include, but aren’t limited to:




Need Final Surge Help?


If you are having issues with the actual training plan platform or access to your Final Surge plan, please submit a support ticket for the Final Surge team here.