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Just How Hard Will Your Race Be?

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In our quest to create the smartest athletes possible, we have created the resources: RaceReview™ and RaceRank™ resources. Click on the race names below to learn more and find related video content.

RaceRank™ — Your Races Ranked Against One Another

What if You Could Compare Similar Races?

It all started with that simple question. While you can read race reports and listen to race podcasts, it’s hard to get a sense of how different courses stack up to one another. As coaches, we have traveled to and trained or competed on almost every course…so we decided to create a ranking system: Endurance Nation RaceRank™.

RaceRank™ gives each race a score that allows comparison across venues. More than “just” elevation, this ranking would allow folks to know where there race falls in the grand scheme of things on six sets of criteria:

  • Swim Venue / Course — River, lake or ocean? One or two loops? Lots of factors!
  • Total Bike Elevation — How does the bike compare?
  • Total Run Elevation — How challenging is the run course?
  • Overall Elevation of the Race Venue — The addition of Boulder makes this relevant.
  • Average Weather Over the Past Five Years — The more diverse or challenging the weather, the harder the race.
  • % of DNFs Across (Ideally) Last Five Years — The more DNFs, the harder the race.

Each of the six criteria receives a score from 1 to 5:

          1 = Easy          2 = Normal          3 = Challenging          4 = Hard          5 = Super Hard

The overall venue score is determined by adding up all of the criteria. This way no one single factor or anecdotal element outweighs all of the others. Click on the name of any race to download the race rank file; races are presented in chronological order. Please note — not all races are currently ranked, so check back soon!

RaceRank™ Data